Walk this way, talk this way….but what if I don’t think this way?

Over the last month and a half I have been trying to get my head into the social media game, in particular the world of blogging and tweeting, and overall I have been enjoying it  but one thing is certainly clear, it does not come naturally to me!

I’ve got to know myself pretty well over the last 22 years and it is pretty obvious that I am not wired the same way that everyone else on the web seems to be wired. I certainly don’t feel the urge to tweet everything that happens to me during the day or post a photo of everything I see or every meal I have onto Instagram (although I admit I am guilty of trying to….just have a quick browse through my history for examples) or blog about anything that particularly inspires or annoys me (this seems fairly hypocritical now) although I do see the value in these things.

It’s not as though I’m a technophobe at all and I’m only a few years out of being classed within the digital-natives generation* and no way feel like an immigrant.

– Joy, O. (2012). What does it mean to be a digital native?. Available: http://edition.cnn.com/2012/12/04/business/digital-native-prensky/. Last accessed 13th November 2013. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/12/04/business/digital-native-prensky/

– Perseus Books Group http://www.borndigitalbook.com/resources.php

– Oxford Dictionary http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/digital-native

So what could it be, why does it seem so hard for me to get caught up in the social media tide? Maybe I don’t want to get swept out to sea and lose sight of the land becoming someone who can socialise with a screen in front of their face but becomes a mumbling idiot as soon as it is taken away.

Maybe its just me but the value of meeting someone face to face or speaking on the phone seems to have a far stronger currency that can be maximised and invested through a digital follow up. Done the other way round it seems from my perspective to weaken the currency of that relationship, I must point out that this is just opinion and I have no data or evidence to back it up and of course there are numerous examples where I will be proved horrifically wrong!

One of the mentors I had during high school was something of a networking wizard, it seemed that anywhere he went in the world there was someone there who he knew or who knew someone he knew. The strength of his character alone helped him to make quick impressions and tight bonds in such a short space of time so a quick face-to-face meeting resulted in life long friendships and this was in the days when mySpace and MSN messenger ruled the roost!

So call me old fashioned but I’ll keep solidly to my face-to-face void-to-voice human interaction where I can augmenting it with the necessary social media presence to keep my relationships as strong as possible and let the work speak for itself after all everyone is different and one’s method of working should be tailored directly to them.

In the meantime I’m sure if I stick at it I’ll soon be a blogging master, I’m just sure that it is worth the 10,000 hours…..maybe I’ll hit the bars instead.

iphone comic - bizzaro comics

* The digital natives generation is the generation that have been brought up with digital influence throughout their lives to the point where it is second nature and instinct. The cut-off point can be as low as anyone born in 1995 or after.


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